Thursday, March 21, 2013

18 Months!

January 22, 2013

1 1/2 OLD!!!!

Hard to believe we celebrated your 1st birthday 6 months ago!!

I am now planning your 2nd birthday party - and picking out your big girl bed room decor.  You have yet to attempt to climb out of your crib but I plan on switching you over after you are turn 2.

I don't think you have any new teeth from last month, you have been very painfully working on your top and bottom kanine teeth and you chew on your fingers majority of the day and have crancky afternoons. yay

You talk all day long, mostly jibberish talk but I understand A LOT of words.  It is to the point I can't even remember what all the words are anymore.  Phrases are coming together and I love that.  You copy everything, even when I say not to touch something that its "nasty" you run around yelling "NASTY NASTY"  its pretty much adorable.

You have known all your body parts since you were about 13 months old and a lot of animal sounds.  We are working on the ABCs and 123s as well as colors and shapes.  You know the color blue, green and red.  AND you know the shape, triangle, square, circle, heart, oval and star.  If I ask, you point.  You actually say "heart" and "star".

LOVE puzzles and books.  We even got a library card today! :) 

We started going to church this month.  I was so incredibly nervous about leaving you in the nursery...and?  you proved me wrong that something HORRIBLE would happen.  You did great!  The volunteers said you were just so sweet and wanted to play with everyone.  You didn't even notice when we left you there.  I am glad we got past that first stay!

We have been going to some Mommy & Me groups and you have really enjoyed getting out of the house (as did I).  We have been to the Discovery Center, the zoo, Gym Bugs.  You loved all of it!! :) 

Caillou is still your VERY FAVORITE kiddo EVER.  You demand to watch him and it is the ONLY show you will sit down and watch, not moving, completely focused just on him.  I hate him.  He is whiney and should be put in time out every single day of his life but he is the only way I can cook or clean.  So for that, I love him....but still hate him.

First time at church!

Friday, January 11, 2013

17 Months!!

Sweet Leighton -

You turned 17 months on the 27th and we moved 3 hours from our home in Murfreesboro to Maryville on the 30th (of November) so it was a very hectic time and I still have a lot to do at our new home.

I need to write a moving post because it was very emotional for me and I want to remember our first home.  We brought you home there and the last night when I rocked you and read you your normal bed time stories I cried the whole time.

Back to your monthly post :)  I meant to put in your 15 month post that I FINALLY started putting a blanket in your crib and I think for the first 2 weeks I only checked on your 4500 times.  Ever since you were a baby you had nothing in the crib with you.  Just a sheet on the mattress and you.  I would layer up your PJs and socks to keep you warm. 

At 17 months your chatty self has become even more chatty - did not think that was possible!! I actually understand a lot more of it now, I think we are almost at the turning point where we will have conversations.  It didn't make me feel good tonight though when you were whining and I said "Leighton, please tell Mama what you need/want" you said (with a pouty lip) "Daddy".  I guess you are tired of me, ha!  I know you miss him, he works crazy long hours.

You had your first PB & J - you liked it for about 5 minutes then you were done.  But girlfriend, your mama LOVES peanut butter so just get use to it!

You have started whistling because you hear me whistle at Bella to come back inside.  You walk around with her toy whistling for her - it is ADORABLE!

You still been sick with the snotty noise, cough, sneeze and so I took you to the MD AGAIN and by the way in our new town, so new doctor and I LOVE him - he said you should have been on antibiotics a month ago!  And now, you are feeling a lot better - YAY!!!!

You have two molars on top and one on bottom - so this means VERY super clingy in the afternoons - I have learned to wash dishes with one hand, clean, walk dogs all with ONE hand.  Not to mention you weigh 27 lbs 11 oz. 

You color all the time and you are still obsessed with stickers - cannot get enough of them.  Which this mama loves because they are cheap and they keep you entertained for a while!

You got your first big booboo!!  You are starting to understand that things can hurt you so sometimes you do approach them with caution.  But at our new home at the back door you stepped on exposed piece of metal and it sliced your big toe -  I freaked  - and you stayed calm.  BUT me trying to doctor it? haha yeah I got kicked in the face, a lot.

Since we found out we were moving and since we have moved  I haven't gotten you out and about much so I am your playmate - 24/7 so we are having a sharing issue lately - you even yell MINE!!!  Aren't you just a doll?!  SO I am working on that.  Plus I joined 2 Mommy & Me groups so I hoping that helps!

Currently, you wear a size 6 shoe and 24 months to 2t clothing.  You look more like a 2 year old - glad your language is more like a 2 year old.

This is going to be your first Christmas that you understand tearing open the presents and I can't wait because Santa is bringing you some pretty great things!!  Two days after Christmas you will be 18 months old and I still can't believe we are half way to 2 years.  You seriously need to have a conversation with your daddy about a sibling! ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Link Up!! SAHM to my crazy little tot!! :)

Today I am linking up with Becky (From Mrs. to Mama) - how does she do it all?!

I am an upper 20 something mama and I am so blessed to have an amazing husband that works his butt off so I can stay home with our daughter.
Our beautiful  daughter is now 17 months old, as of today at 9:57PM.
My story isn't to great - I started blogging a couple of years ago or um maybe 3?  The years run together it seems.  That was PRE baby and I honestly ran out of stuff to write about.
I would ask myself, is anyone reading this?  Am I wasting my time? Does this post really mean anything?
UNTIL the day I found out I was pregnant.  I always wants to be a mom, I was jealous of people who had kids, I envied their relationship with their kids.
I wanted to document everything, every little detail, every kick and movement.
THEN a funny thing happened, I realized pregnancy is not all rainbows and butterflies and woman who say that feel AMAZING and FANTASTIC have lied to your face.
My pregnancy was not too bad but I have to say if I felt like I needed a nap - I DID! So then again my blogging stopped.  After I had my daughter I wanted to capture every smile, burp, first, laugh and I am STILL kicking myself for not documenting as much I wanted to.
I worked full time until she turned one.  SO that meant driving 20 mins to daycare - 20 mins to work - 20 mins back to daycare - run errands - then home, eat, clean, bath, play, sing, rock and bed.
OH and she didn't sleep through the night until she was ONE, Ahem. 
I pretty much walked around as a zombie for a year.
Then, in November 2011 my husband was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, had surgery and radiation.  When my husband called to tell me he had cancer all I could do was cry.  I was so scared of losing him.  He is my #1, my rock, my everything.  He is back to 100% now but for a couple of months my goal was to take care of him and a baby girl.
So now that I am home with her I write monthly updates about my little lady and a post here and there.  I want to write more and I am hoping to connect with some great ladies through Becky! :) 
So basically, I am a SAHM that adores my daughter and loves to craft with her and teach her new things each day.  I love to cook, read and I am addicted to TV - pretty much reality TV (no shame)  I am always looking for new crafts and learning activities for her (via pinterst mostly).  Welcome to my world! :)