Thursday, March 21, 2013

18 Months!

January 22, 2013

1 1/2 OLD!!!!

Hard to believe we celebrated your 1st birthday 6 months ago!!

I am now planning your 2nd birthday party - and picking out your big girl bed room decor.  You have yet to attempt to climb out of your crib but I plan on switching you over after you are turn 2.

I don't think you have any new teeth from last month, you have been very painfully working on your top and bottom kanine teeth and you chew on your fingers majority of the day and have crancky afternoons. yay

You talk all day long, mostly jibberish talk but I understand A LOT of words.  It is to the point I can't even remember what all the words are anymore.  Phrases are coming together and I love that.  You copy everything, even when I say not to touch something that its "nasty" you run around yelling "NASTY NASTY"  its pretty much adorable.

You have known all your body parts since you were about 13 months old and a lot of animal sounds.  We are working on the ABCs and 123s as well as colors and shapes.  You know the color blue, green and red.  AND you know the shape, triangle, square, circle, heart, oval and star.  If I ask, you point.  You actually say "heart" and "star".

LOVE puzzles and books.  We even got a library card today! :) 

We started going to church this month.  I was so incredibly nervous about leaving you in the nursery...and?  you proved me wrong that something HORRIBLE would happen.  You did great!  The volunteers said you were just so sweet and wanted to play with everyone.  You didn't even notice when we left you there.  I am glad we got past that first stay!

We have been going to some Mommy & Me groups and you have really enjoyed getting out of the house (as did I).  We have been to the Discovery Center, the zoo, Gym Bugs.  You loved all of it!! :) 

Caillou is still your VERY FAVORITE kiddo EVER.  You demand to watch him and it is the ONLY show you will sit down and watch, not moving, completely focused just on him.  I hate him.  He is whiney and should be put in time out every single day of his life but he is the only way I can cook or clean.  So for that, I love him....but still hate him.

First time at church!

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